The Mental Health Impact of Physical Fitness and Obesity


 Exercise and American History

Exercise is crucial for heart disease, cancer, and diabetes, as obesity can affect these diseases. The first recorded heart attack in America occurred in 1896, and the Eisenhower administration noticed that people were dying from clogging their arteries during the Korean War. To address this issue, the Eisenhower administration tested kids for physical fitness in public schools, finding that 57.8% of kids failed the test. The President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports was established to address this issue. 


However, many people still avoid exercise, with 50% exercising but still in poor shape. Fitness leaders believe that these kids are worse now than 30 years ago. 14-19-year-olds with 40 blockages at the coronary arteries are also more likely to have diabetes. The state of Oregon has the highest obesity rate of any state in Western Iraq, and public schools are being cut due to budget cuts.

To address childhood obesity in Oregon, the Oregon Health Policy Commission published a 65-page report that emphasized the importance of interventions influencing healthy eating and physical activity behaviors of adults and children. The report found that two common objections to exercise include time constraints and lack of motivation. Addressing childhood obesity requires interventions that influence healthy eating and physical activity behaviors of adults and children.

Dr. Mark Angel’s Report

Dr. Mark Angel, a dual professor at Middle Tennessee State University, proposed a new fitness major called applied exercise psychology. He argued that the fitness problem is more about mental failures than physical failures, and that the brain struggles to sustain exercise for life. He suggested that to overcome this, one must win the mental ballot and make exercise a lifestyle. Dr. Angel's article was published in the Journal of the Board of Sports Psychology, and he has a new book out. He believes that to overcome the psychological battle associated with exercise, one must make it a lifestyle.

Difficulties and the schedule of exercise

Working out seven days a week, as taught by American College Sports Medicine, is easier than three days a week. It allows for more flexibility and eliminates the need for multiple decisions on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. To maximize your workout time, start your workout early in the morning to increase your chances of getting it done. Limit your workout time to 20 minutes or less, as more time can lead to injury. Work against resistance to get tired faster. The overload principle states that no benefit occurs until you get tired, but as you get more fit, the amount of work required to get tired increases. Public schools have found that high school boys who do as many push-ups daily as possible get bored and major league boredom. Focus on physical fitness, eating for nutrition, and not making permanent weight loss changes. 


The Best Medicine in America

Exercise is considered the best medicine in America, impacting various health issues like colds, flu, and cancer. However, it's essential to understand the necessary fitness levels for overall health. A search in the medical school library in Portland revealed limited information on physical fitness, but physiologists Hcan provide definitions and established tests for total physical fitness.

Home Physical Fitness Test

A test can be taken at home to assess flexibility and cardiovasc endurance.Sit on the floor with your legs straight and reach your fingertips at least five inches past your toes most of the people can't touch your toes. Flexibility is crucial as it is one of the leading causes of back pain in America. 85 percent of back pain is due to tight back muscles caused by weak stomach muscles. Strengthening abdominal muscles and stretching the lower back can help reduce this problem.

Skinfold caliber test



To measure body fat, one should take a skinfold caliber test, which measures subcutaneous body fat. This test measures the thickness of skin in the upper back, thigh, upper arm, and waistline. Women should carry no more than 20% body fat, while men should carry no more than 15%.

Sloan's formula

Sloan's formula is used for estimating body fat percentages, and researchers can provide body fat percentages for anyone interested. If a skinfold caliber test is not available, it is important to track body shape and waistline measurements. Men should aim to drop their waistline measurement, while women should focus on hip measurements.

Fit Exercise into Your Busy schedule 


I want you to work out every day.

The individual is advised to start their morning routine by exercising for 20 minutes or less daily, focusing on resistance.

Rewarding physical fitness isn't about recognition; intrinsically impacting health is the most powerful reason for exercise.


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